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Divorce FAQ

Below is a list of FAQ’s "Frequently Asked Questions" to help you in your decision as to which attorney would be the best fit to assist you in this trying time. Please consider the following:

QUESTION # 1: How are attorneys paid for their services?

ANSWER # 1: In family cases, such as a divorce case, attorneys charge an up-front "retainer." The amount of the retainer varies depending on the difficulty of the matter and generally runs from $2,000.00 to $5,000.00.

QUESTION # 2: How is the retainer money used?

ANSWER # 2: Retainer monies are used to pay for litigation costs, such as court filing fees and document service fees, as well as for the attorney's time spend working on your case.

QUESTION # 3: If I am seeking a divorce, what are the steps in the divorce processes?

ANSWER # 3: The steps in a divorce case can be boiled down to the following: (a) initial meeting with you, the client; (b) preparation of the divorce complaint. (c) Service of the divorce complaint: (d) answer to the divorce complaint (by the other party); (e) conducting of discovery; (f) pretrial; and (g) trial before the assigned judge. Each of these steps is described briefly on the divorce page.

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