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Grandparent Visitation FAQ

When Can the Grandparent Statute be used?

1. When a Parent has Died: If the parent of your grandchild has died, the Grandparent Visitation Statute will allow you to continue the relationship you have built with your grandchildren, by allowing monthly visitation with them. In some cases, Courts have awarded Grandparent Visitation every other weekend. It is important in cases such as these to bring to the Law Offices of T.R. Spencer & Associates, P.C., and all the documentation including pictures showing the extent of your relationship, so an appropriate visitation can be awarded by the Court.

2. When the Parent Refuses Visitation: All though not as clear cut as the cases when a parent has died, Grandparents are still entitled to visitation, even over the strong objection of a parent, if the Court finds that such visits are in the best interest of your children or grandchildren.

Every situation is unique, so please call T.R. Spencer & Associates, P.C. for an appointment to discuss your relationship with your grandchildren.

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