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To better serve you, TR Spencer & Assocaites, P.C. offers the following links to forms that are regularly used in typical documents. By filling out these forms before meeting with your attorney, you can save time and help your lawyer to give better service.
You can also go directly to the Utah Courts website and download other forms not listed here:

pdf Affidavit of Military Service

Affidavit indicating whether you have or are currently serving in the military

pdf Child Support Obligation and Location

Child support obligation worksheet and location information requested for each child from your marriage or relationship

pdf Client Information Form

This document is our standard client information sheet that includes contact and personal information needed to court documents.

pdf Divorce Certificate

Certificate of divorce, dissolution of marriage, or annulment papers

pdf Financial Statements

This is the standard document Financial Statement using the courts to calculate the income, expenses, assets and liabilities

pdf Protective Order

Domestic violence protection order documents