Discovery is the collection of information in the context of a lawsuit. Discovery can either be completed in written form or through the taking of in-person depositions or oral examinations. For all Utah law suits filed in District Court, each party is required to complete and provide what are called "Initial Disclosures." These consist of the names and contact information for all potential witnesses and the provision of a specified list of relevant documents. After the Initial Disclosures are provided either party to a law suit may seek additional information by submitting to the other party written requests for information (interrogatories, requests for production of documents, and/or requests for admissions), or by scheduling a deposition. The deposition can cover any information which is either directly relevant or information which may lead to admissible evidence. Thus, the questions which can asked at a deposition are almost limitless. Because depositions are recorded and transcribed into written form, there is a cost associated with them. Please discuss with your attorney the expected cost.