How Does the Divorce Litigation Process Compare to Other Matters?

The divorce litigation process is nearly identical to the litigation process in any other civil litigation, with one exception in divorce and other Family Law cases the parties have the ability to seek temporary orders. Temporary Orders are orders that last during the pendency of the Family Law case. Other than this exception, each divorce case proceeds with the following steps: (a) filing of a Complaint or Petition, (b) filing of an Answer and perhaps a Counterclaim, (c) completion of Discovery, (d) scheduling and attending a Pretrial, and (e) scheduling and attending a Trial. For a more complete discussion of the litigation process see the "Overview of the Litigation Process" tab of our website. It is at this critical juncture, before the litigation process even starts, that the advise of a seasoned professional, such as the attorneys at T.R. Spencer Law Office, can be most beneficial to you, the potential client. The staff and attorneys at T.R. Spencer Law Office, have significant experience in divorce litigation and can help you get through this process with a minimum of stress. Please call so that we can discuss the unique facts of your case.