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Business Law

Unless you have been there before, no one understands how exciting, yet difficult forming a new business entity can be. Many of the decisions made at the time of business formation can have a significant impact on the ultimate success of the business venture. Thus, it is very important to weigh the potential short-run and long-run impacts of these initial decisions.

Entrepreneurs Signing Legal Docuements

Not all businesses have their own attorney. Many businesses are small to medium-sized. They’re large enough to need legal input on sophisticated business matters but aren’t yet prepared to hire an in-house counsel.

To address their legal and business law needs, these growing companies work with a knowledgeable law firm that acts as their external general counsel. This structure provides much of the same legal support as an in-house counsel or attorney staff does.

Why Should I Use TR Spencer Law Office?
At T.R Spencer Law Office, we have brought together attorneys with decades of experience in diverse backgrounds such as real estate, financial services, advertising and insurance to assist entrepreneurs who are seeking to establish or expend their business operations in Utah and/or surrounding states. This experience allows our attorneys and business consultants to develop multi-disciplinary solutions to client matters.
What if I Only Want Limited Assistance?
Over the past several years, we have found that different entrepreneurs want different levels of involvement from their attorneys and business consultants. Depending on your needs, T.R. Spencer Law Office can help you get started and then provided legal and business advice only when needed, or we can be fully integrated into your business plan and provide regularly on-going advice.
What Business Services Does TR Spencer Law Office Offer?
Within our business practice team, T.R. Spencer Law Office, provides the following business services:
  • Business Entity Formation (corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships)
  • Contract Preparation and Negotiation (joint venture agreements, labor and employment agreements, construction agreements, operating agreements, subsidiary agreements, supplier agreements, rental leases, corporate finance agreements, and most other business agreements)
  • Regulatory Compliance Plans Licensure and Permitting Matters Mediation, arbitration or litigation of business disputes