Parenting Plan for Custody of Your Children

Custody battles are challenging and often leave children caught in the middle. Whether you're a parent fighting for custody or a grandparent seeking custody of your grandchildren, it can be emotionally draining. However, with the proper knowledge and guidance, you may be able to win back custody of your children and ensure they have the best future possible. 

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Getting Your Estate Plan In Order

One of the things that people hold dear is the welfare of their families. Everyone wants to know that their loved ones will be taken care of upon their death. Estate law is the entire system dedicated to taking care of that process.

estate planning

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How Expert Witnesses are Selected

An expert witness is selected based on several factors, including their qualifications, experience, and ability to provide relevant and reliable testimony in a given case. Selecting an expert witness typically begins with the attorney identifying the areas of expertise that are relevant to the case. 

expert witness

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When Estate Law Matters

Estate Law covers many topics dealing with a person's possessions and who gets what when it is time to pass on. It begins with creating a living will where the client has the options of what to do with the children if they are minors, the house and property they live on, the finances, and businesses they may have acquired in their lifetime. The will is a legacy they leave behind; those they see fit will get the inheritance. 

estate law

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Essential Legal Contracts For Your Business

Contracts are essential in customer and business relationship development. Contract preparation is a keystone of a successful business. Every business typically has the need for specific contract types. Some businesses regularly use many contracts in their operations.

business contract

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Utah End of Life Law

If you or a loved one have questions about end-of-life law in Utah, you’re in good company. Perhaps you’ve read about stories focused on a patient’s right to die. Maybe someone you love is dealing with a devastating terminal illness. You may have questions about the legal issues surrounding what’s sometimes called mercy killings or euthanasia.

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The External Business Lawyer's Role

The business attorney will help the business to deal with negotiating contracts with vendors, corporate governance matters, employee terminations, or managing expenses associated with business litigation. In these ways, the external general counsel in Utah is an integral part of their client’s business team. They’re involved in helping the business to operate more efficiently by managing the legal matters that affect the growing enterprise.

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Business Law in Utah

Not all businesses in Utah have their own attorney. Many businesses throughout the state are small to medium-sized. They’re large enough to need legal input on sophisticated business matters but aren’t yet prepared to hire an in-house counsel.

business, business law

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