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A Bad Business Contract Can Come Back to Haunt You!

A Bad Business Contract Can Come Back to Haunt You!

Contracts are a necessity with business dealings, but a poorly written one can get your business in hot water quickly. If the contract is missing vital information, or if it is unclear or filled with ambiguous language, you may not even fully understand what you are agreeing to. Some lawyers will insist on including tons of hidden language, loopholes, and other clauses that are not in your best interests.

That is why it is vital to have an experienced business attorney properly prepare or review your contracts BEFORE you sign on the dotted line.

T.R. Spencer Law Office has many years of experience handling all types of contracts for firms of all sizes.

  • Initial Drafting of Contracts: We draft contracts with the business needs of our clients in mind. We will discuss what their objectives and strategies are, and prepare a contract that will protect our client but be satisfactory to the other parties needs as well.
  • Review of Contracts Before Signing: When the other party presents their own contract to our client, we will review it and discover any clauses or ambiguous wording that would not be acceptable to our clients and recommend changes.
  • Negotiating a Great Contract: When you need get the best contract that will protect your goals and legal interests, we can negotiate the terms for your business.
  • Contract Disputes and Litigation: We mediate as well as litigate in court contract disagreements and disputes.

Don’t try to go it alone with your vital business contracts. Your business is too important to take a chance at having major misunderstandings and disputes over contractual language. Please contact the experienced business law attorneys at T.R. Spencer Law Office at 801-566-1884 for a consultation and assistance.

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