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Businesses Need Employment Lawyers Too

Businesses Need Employment Lawyers Too

At first glance, it might seem that employment lawyers only help disgruntled employees. Yet, at the heart of every company is a seasoned legal team. These legal professionals help with contract issues, licensing problems and employment law issues. In some cases, an in-house team may even contract an outside experienced lawyer to help. See why your company needs a business law attorney who knows employment law.

The Hard Choices

As a business owner or manager, you are sure to encounter many difficult decisions. Among these are decisions about how to handle certain employees. For example, you might need to fire an employee. This is a decision that requires caution in every case. Employees may sue your company after their termination. An experienced lawyer can verify the legality of the action, and quell any plans for a lawsuit.

Aside from terminations, you'll also want a lawyer's help when classifying employees. Whenever you label a group of individuals in the workplace, you risk stirring up a lawsuit. There can be many complications when adding a new position or reclassifying personnel. Mistakes can be costly. Some companies end up paying extra wages or hefty fines. Thus, it is worth it to hire a business lawyer to help with the process.

When Lawsuits Strike

Despite your careful planning, your company may be hit with an employment-related lawsuit. Again, this area of law is very complicated. Businesses should never try to litigate these matters on their own. A business attorney can help you gather evidence for your defense, and present your case. Furthermore, depositions and trials will require the expertise of an experienced lawyer.

Formal complaints should also be handled with care. This process involves something less than a lawsuit, but nonetheless serious. Some employees might report your company to government agencies or union organizations. This can lead to formal administrative hearing. A lawyer can evaluate the claim to determine if there is any validity. An attorney can also advise about dealing with the administration and its investigation.

One more area where a lawyer is a great help is in document review. Every workplace has a number of policies and agreements that can be subject to legal scrutiny. Before issuing these documents, it is a good idea to have your lawyer review them. This will help prevent any misunderstandings or employee-related complaints. It pays to ensure that your documentation is in legal order. Without the help of an experienced lawyer, you are unlikely to realize the effects until it is too late.

Be Diligent With Employment Issues

There's no reason why a business should go without legal help. The modern workplace is a legal minefield. An attorney should review all company actions so that they adhere to regulatory compliance plans and the applicable laws.

Businesses needing help with employment law matters in Utah should contact Terry Spencer PLLC. The firm can also assist with business contracts, contract litigation and license and permitting matters.

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