How Can I Get My Criminal Arrest and Conviction Record Expunged?

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How Can I Get My Criminal Arrest and Conviction Record Expunged?

Past criminal arrests and convictions can wreak havoc with your life. Good employment opportunities can be hard to come by and relationships can be strained. If you want to move on with a clean slate and have a better future, you may be able to have some criminal records expunged (erased from your record) as if they never happened.

Arrest Records

Background checks will not only show convictions – they will also reveal any arrests. Although not considered as serious as a conviction, it still can hurt your reputation and employment opportunities.

Thankfully, the state of Utah allows you to apply for expungement of an arrest record after thirty days if you are not facing any new charges and are not on probation.

Criminal Conviction Records
    Even many criminal convictions can be expunged depending on how serious the crime was and how long it has been since the conviction. The following convictions can be expunged after the stated waiting period:
  • Multiple Class A or B Misdemeanors – 15-20 Years
  • Class A Misdemeanors – 5 Years
  • Other Misdemeanors/Infractions – 3 Years
  • 2nd and 3rd Degree Felonies – 7 Years
  • Alcohol Related Traffic Offenses – 10 Years
Criminal Records that Can Not be Expunged
    Some crimes are considered under law to be too serious to allow any options for expungement. The following crimes are non-expungable and will remain on your record indefinitely:
  • Sexual Crimes Against Minors
  • Capital Felony Crimes
  • 1st Degree Felonies
  • Forcible 2nd Degree Felonies

If you have multiple convictions and a long arrest record, the process will be more complicated and drawn out. Since each situation and case is unique, there may be different available options and requirements necessary for your circumstances.

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