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Legal Planning for the Elders in Your Life

Legal Planning for the Elders in Your Life

Are you worried about what might happen to your parents as they age? Elders are, sadly, often targeted for money-making scams. There are plenty of people who want to take care of their cognitive decline. One way you can find peace of mind about your parents' affairs is to have a plan put into place for what to do if they start to decline.

We help families have a plan in place for when the inevitable happens

With trusts, wills and other forms of estate planning, your elderly relatives will have peace of mind. If they have lots of assets, they can even plan the most tax-advantaged ways to pass them on. A big issue now is paying for care as the population continues to live longer than ever. Having an elder care plan in place is a great way to prepare for the future.

As sad as it is, planning for cognitive decline is a necessity

With instruments like a power of attorney, you can take more control in your parents' lives when they can no longer care for themselves. With that, you will be part of any major financial or legal decisions that will affect their lives in a big way.

The team at T.R. Spencer Law Office is committed to justice. In the event that anyone has taken advantage of an elderly person you love, contact us today. Our team has a lot of experience with litigation when it comes to elder law violations and personal injury. At T.R. Spencer Law Office, we don't just help people with estate planning and wills. Our team is experienced with Utah elder laws. If you suspect abuse, whether it's financial or otherwise, we can help.

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