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offering years of legal business and governmental experience

Offering Years of Legal, Business, and Governmental Experience

Everyone needs the best possible representation, regardless of the situation. The law office of TR Spencer is the office for those looking for representation in cases regarding custody, business, real estate, and probate. 

Custody GuidanceAdvice

Divorce can be a trying time, and sometimes it is the children who are the true victims of divorce. A custody lawyer can help parents work through the custody laws in order to determine the best guardianship for the children and setting up visitation schedules that work for everyone involved. A good custody attorney can make sure that the needs of the children are kept at the forefront while working out some of the issues between the parents. 

Business Ins and Outs

It has become easy for anyone to set up a business; this has also increased the need for everyone to find a good business law attorney. Small businesses, ranging from a single owner to a small company, will always need someone to help them through the maze of business law, allowing them to go from private affairs to limited liability corporations. Some need to navigate difficult issues of ownership, while some businesses need a business attorney on retainer. 

Real Estate Advice

A real estate attorney will always be in demand. Investors sometimes need an expert in property law, with a need to determine how a particular piece of property is zoned and possibly change that zoning. Sometimes they even need a lawyer to determine where the property lines lie. Even those just interested in a single piece of property, such as a home or warehouse need some legal advice, and an attorney is the best person to ask. 

Issues in Probate

Estate law is always a fun subject, as end-of-life law can be confusing to anyone not used to its peculiarities. A probate lawyer is sometimes required to navigate probate hearings. In this regard, a good probate attorney is worth his weight in gold as both a person to ask for advice from as well as someone to help a grief-stricken client deal with the paperwork. 

In short, if someone needs a probate attorney, a real estate lawyer, a business law attorney, or help with any custody issue, TR Spencer is here for you. Contact us for a consultation today.