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Things to Consider During a Divorce

Things to Consider During a Divorce

Things to consider before hiring an Attorney
1. Your willingness to “Put it All Out There”;
2. Be Prepared to experience a higher level of stress;
3. Impact on Family and friends;
4. Impact on your employer.
Your willingness to “Put it All Out There.” is very important. If you as the client withhold information from your attorney, you may end up paying for it in the end. An attorney takes the information you provide, good and bad, and then formulates a strategy. If information is withheld, the strategy employed may be defective. When you hire an attorney a confidential relationship is created. Which means that the attorney will not disclose the information you tell him, unless it is necessary for your case or if he must in order to comply with state ethics rules. Therefore, you should tell your attorney the pros and the cons, so that he can best prepare your case. 
Divorce is a very stressful part of many marriages unfortunately. The process can bring out very strong feelings of resentment, animosity, and sometimes even hatred. Be prepared to ask questions, so that your attorney can help you manage your expectations. An attorney can answer questions that may be causing a lot of the stress you are feeling. The unknowns felt by most during divorce can easily be answered. Just ask!
Your divorce will have an impact on your entire family. You should expect that your divorce may not only end your relationship with your wife, but also may end many other relationships as a result. Be prepared for unexpected change as best you can. 
Your divorce may impact your employer. During the divorce process, the parties’ embark on the procedural process known as “Discovery.” Discovery requires that the parties disclose certain information initially without being asked. Later, more information may be sought that your employer may be required to provide. Through the tool of the subpoena, your employer may be required by law to provide your payroll information. Furthermore, the court may require that your retirement accounts be divided, which could impact your employer as well. 
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