3 Utah Real Estate Laws Homeowners and Renters Must Know

3 Utah Real Estate Laws Homeowners and Renters Must Know

Having a place to live, from owning your own home to to renting a single room, has been a fundamental aspect of society for centuries. And because of how important this aspect of society is, each state has enacted laws to protect both homeowners and renters.

In this article, three important Utah real estate laws will be examined in-depth.

1. Fence Laws

This may come as a surprise, but Utah is actually known in the legal world for having extensive fencing laws due to the state's interesting histories. When settlers first came to Utah, many of them acquired one-acre lots. Because the dimensions were specific, fences (made from anything possible) were put up. This led to disputes, which led to extensive fencing laws.

One interesting aspect of this law is that branches that hang over a fence line, or tree trunks that are on a property line, are not issues that can be pursued in the court of law. Instead, the neighbors must come to an agreement. On the other hand, Utah laws require one to maintain landscaping in a way that is not hazardous. Because these laws are so extensive, it's best to contact a Utah attorney.

2. Deposits for Rentals are Protected by Law

Many renters get anxious at the thoughts of giving a landlord a deposit. They think to themselves that they'll never see that money again - no matter how the lease ends.

But in Utah, landlords are required by Utah real estate laws to refund a deposit within fifteen days that a lease ends - as long as there's no damage to the property.

3. Homestead is Not Based on Acreage

When it comes to homestead laws, many states focus on acreage. But Utah real estate laws are unique in that they don't focus on acreage at all. Instead, homestead exemption may be limited to twenty-thousand dollars if a property is a one's primary residence.

Do You Have a Legal Concern?

If you have any concerns regarding Utah real estate laws, it's best to contact a Utah attorney. T.R. Spencer Law Office. has been practicing law in Utah for many years. You can be rest assured that your legal issues will be addressed with professionalism and experience.

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