Utah Family Law and Child Custody

Utah Family Law and Child Custody

The decisions you'll make in who has custody of your child can be some of the most stressful. Parenting plans allow parents to decide how they want their children to be cared for while they are away at work or on vacation.

What are Utah Family Law Parenting Plans?

Courts recognize a parenting plan as an agreement between parents about how their children will be raised. Family courts recognize the following parenting plans: joint physical custody, joint legal custody, and sole physical custody.

Types of Family Law Parenting Plans

The two most common types are joint legal custody and sole legal custody. The meaning of Joint legal custody is both parents have equal rights. Still, each parent has the responsibility to make decisions affecting the child's care and upbringing.

Sole legal custody is where a parent has complete authority over the child and makes all decisions concerning their care. Other parenting plans include shared parental responsibility, when both parents share some level of decision-making authority, and custodial arrangements, which refer to specific arrangements for who will have physical custody of a child.

The Role of the Court in Parenting Plans

Family parenting plans are important legal tools that parents can use to create a parenting plan that is best for their children. Parenting plans help parents balance the needs of their children with their own needs and preferences. Parental plans also help parents communicate with each other about their parenting goals.

Parents can create a parenting plan by talking to a lawyer or using a parenting plan template. A good way to draft a parental plan is to think about what you and your spouse want from parenting your child together.

For example, you may want different things for your child's day-to-day care, education, religion, and activities. You can then work together to create a parenting plan that meets both your needs and your child's needs. Parenting plans can be complicated, but they are essential to child custody law. Please don't hesitate to speak with a lawyer if there are any questions or concerns in creating or using a parental plan.

How is a Court Approved Parenting Plan Created?

A parenting plan is a document of the expectations of both parents for their children. Courts will approve a parenting plan if it meets specific criteria, such as fairness to all parties involved. Parents can create a parenting plan themselves, or they can hire an attorney to do so. The following are some tips for creating a successful parenting plan:

  1. Establish clear goals and objectives.
  2. Create timelines and milestones.
  3. Include contact, visitation, and child support provisions.
  4. Specify who will decide the child's health, education, and religious upbringing.
  5. Include provisions for resolving disputes.

If you are creating a parenting plan, you must speak with an attorney first. An attorney can help you create a plan that meets the requirements of law and is fair to all parties involved.

Requirements for a Court-Approved Parenting Plan

Parenting plans are necessary if there is a pending court case involving the parents or if one of the parents wants to establish a parenting plan unilaterally.

A court will look at several factors when approving a parenting plan, including whether both parents have agreed to it, whether the plan addresses each child's best interests, and whether it is in the children's best interest to have joint physical and legal custody.

Who Can Create a Utah Court-Approved Parenting Plan?

To create a court-approved parenting plan, parents must meet with an attorney and complete a formal parenting plan. The goal of the parenting plan is to ensure that both parents have a fair share of responsibilities and authority over the children while also providing for the children's well-being.

A parenting plan may include specifics such as how much time parents will spend with the child, what type of discipline will be used, and when and where holidays will be celebrated. To create a court-approved parenting plan, parents must first consult with an attorney who can help draft a specific plan that meets the needs of both parties.

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