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When Estate Law Matters

When Estate Law Matters

Estate Law covers many topics dealing with a person's possessions and who gets what when it is time to pass on. It begins with creating a living will where the client has the options of what to do with the children if they are minors, the house and property they live on, the finances, and businesses they may have acquired in their lifetime. The will is a legacy they leave behind; those they see fit will get the inheritance. 

Who Gets the Children?

Those who get their affairs in order do not tempt fate as most people think of when they hear of having a living will. When children are involved, the parents want someone responsible for the legal guardianship of their children should something happen to them. The will is the legal document that leaves no question about whom the parents choose. 

Children are almost always the priority in the living will. Most parents choose grandparents, brothers or sisters, Godparents, or close friends of the family. They can handle the trust funds in the care of the children to ensure they are taken care of financially for food, clothes, and education. 

An Estate Attorney Follows the Will

The Estate Law covers the home, property, and possessions of the person who wrote the will according to the end-of-life law. Everything goes by what is written in the will, and the estate lawyer will have the reading of the will to all the will concerns. There is a possibility of a will dispute, but the judge will side with what is written. 

The estate is divided accordingly, and some things that can happen is the house can go to a spouse or kids. Sometimes a caregiver may get the estate if there is no spouse or children. An estate attorney can handle the case, whether it is time to read the will or if someone wishes to dispute it. 

If there are any finances or businesses, those are divided according to the will also. If there are children or those left behind to take over the finances or business, each will have their share according to how the will is worded. It does not always mean equal shares, which is where disputes arise. 

It is sad to say there is nothing more vicious than when a person dies; someone may feel left out of the will. They may feel they did not get all they expected. It is often not until the reading of the will that they find out they do not get anything.

Need a Living Will or Want to Dispute a Will? Call Terry Spencer

Terry Spencer handles different cases, and he is an Estate Attorney who knows how to honor the will of the deceased and fight for the rights of those who may have a case in a legal dispute of the will. If you feel you fall in this category, Estate Attorney Terry Spencer will offer consultation and legal representation to ease your mind and those left behind.

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