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Don’t Risk Losing Your Driver’s License, or Worse, Over a Fake ID

Don’t Risk Losing Your Driver’s License, or Worse, Over a Fake ID

With the legal drinking age being set at 21, it is not surprising that many teenagers and college students have resorted to using fake IDs to purchase alcohol. However, they may not feel it is really a big deal, but the State of Utah takes this violation very seriously. You can be saddled with stiff fines, or even your driver’s license suspended for just carrying a fake ID.

Underage Drinking

It is illegal and a class A misdemeanor in Utah to use any fraudulent proof of age to purchase alcohol, get into a bar for the 21 and over group, or to obtain employment that you are not legally able to have because of your true age.

Misrepresenting Your Identity to the Police

Another violation related to fake ID’s is if you give the ID to a police officer, therefore misrepresenting your true age and identity. If you have a fake age, name, or address on your identification, it is a class C misdemeanor. But if you use someone else’s REAL information and represent it as your identity, you will be charged with the more serious class A misdemeanor.

Fraudulent Motives

If you attempt to commit fraud by presenting false information about your identity, you could be charged with the crime of forgery. In Utah, this is a serious third-degree felony because Utah laws makes it illegal to change or alter a document and claim to be another person. It is also illegal to claim that you are acting on someone else’s behalf, to provide fake account numbers, or to alter written information without consent.

People who produce and sell these false identification cards for use by others can be prosecuted under the same code and laws and suffer serious consequences themselves. These crimes can carry serious legal consequences, including fines and even jail time and should be taken seriously. Attorneys T.R. Spencer Law Office are qualified criminal attorneys who will assist you with your personal legal needs.

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