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Is the "Zion Curtain" Crumbling Down Soon?

Is the Zion Curtain Crumbling Down Soon?

The mostly disliked and teased Utah icon, the infamous "Zion Curtain," may soon be leaving your favorite restaurant and bar.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, a legislative bill is being pushed by New House Majority Leader Brad Wilson, R-Kaysville, that, among other proposals, is attempting to eliminate the 7-foot-tall barrier wall that prevents customers, as well as children, from viewing alcoholic drinks being prepared at the bars. "It's only a small part of the bill. But it seems like that's the one that everyone cares about," said Wilson.

According to the Tribune, Wilson admits that many of the laws in place have kept the under-age and binge drinking, as well as DUI's some of the lowest in the country. However, there have been many business complaints that have to be addressed. Wilson is hoping his proposal will address many of the concerns without destroying the progress made in the State in reference to reducing alcohol violations.

Melva Sine, President of the Utah Restaurant Association, Melva Sine, stated that the Zion Curtain makes restaurant operations more difficult "and created confusion." She continued, stressing that

"It's time for adults to order an adult beverage without any stigma attached."

Many Utah residents also aren't keen about having to see the "Zion Curtain." In fact, a new Salt Lake Tribune-Hinckley Institute of Politics poll found that 73% of residents oppose the Zion Curtain, and only a mere 22% support it. Surprisingly, the poll claims that the opposition the unpopular feature crosses not only partisan and gender lines, but religious views as well.

Many bill proposals have been presented on this issue that have failed to bring the Curtain down. But there seems to be more support from the community this go around, according to Wilson, so he is optimistic that it will pass.

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