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What Type of Business Organization Should I Choose for my Company?

What Type of Business Organization Should I Choose for my Company?Congratulations, you want to start a new business and have great ideas and financial backing. You’re ready to get started, but have you thought about protecting yourself financially from liability, taxes, and other perils or contingencies that a proper business organization can help you with?

Understanding Class Action Lawsuits

Understanding Class Action Lawsuits

Facebook has been hit by another class action lawsuit alleging that they allowed an app to collect the personal data of more than 50 million users. The suit filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California alleges that users had their information shared without their consent.

Why Your Business Needs a Business Attorney

Why Your Business Needs a Business Attorney

You may ask why your business needs a business attorney. Your business is like a child. You’ve nurtured it. You’ve poured energy, sweat, tears, and soul into its development and success. You want it to continue to grow, to succeed. Your business law attorney ensures your business's vital statistics and safety.

Organizing a New Business

Organizing a New Business

You are starting up a new business. What legal form should your business take? That legal form will depend somewhat on the nature of your business and the number and profiles of the owners. The following are general considerations for which you should consult your attorney and your accountant.

How You Form Your Business Really Matters

Starting a business is an exciting time. Founders know that they have to identify their skill and what niche it will serve. They know they have to develop a process for delivering a great product or service. They may not necessarily focus on the legal formalities. But the truth is that business formation is one of the most serious decisions any entrepreneur will make.

Business Law in Utah

Not all businesses in Utah have their own attorney. Many businesses throughout the state are small to medium-sized. They’re large enough to need legal input on sophisticated business matters but aren’t yet prepared to hire an in-house counsel.

The External Business Lawyer's Role

The business attorney will help the business to deal with negotiating contracts with vendors, corporate governance matters, employee terminations, or managing expenses associated with business litigation. In these ways, the external general counsel in Utah is an integral part of their client’s business team. They’re involved in helping the business to operate more efficiently by managing the legal matters that affect the growing enterprise.

Choosing Between LLC and Other Business Structures: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

When starting a new business, one of the critical decisions entrepreneurs face is choosing the right legal structure. Among the various options available, forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is often a popular choice. However, whether or not to establish an LLC depends on several factors that entrepreneurs should carefully consider.